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Free gay gloryhole stories

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I also prefer someone that has and understand come .

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The next day, I got there at 9 a. Right at 10 a.

Free gay gloryhole stories

Through the hole came a twenty dollar. I took it and heard him pulling down his pants. Then his large fat cock was put through the hole.

Stroking it, I put it to my lips and felt him respond. Starting slowly, I sucked as much of his cock in as I could and got in to a building rhythm. He took longer to climax this time but came as much as he had the first time.

Again after he put his pants back up, he left without another word. A minute later I heard the door open again and another man came in. He paid his twenty dollars and pulled down his pants. This time it was a long black cock about as around as a half dollar and eight inches long. My mouth started to become tired so I stroked him while I asked him if I was doing it right. Five minutes later he finely shot free gay gloryhole stories load and it was worth it. As he drained down my throat and got smaller I was able to get all of him in to my mouth.

When I pulled back, I could hear him breathing hard. After free gay gloryhole stories pulled his pants back up, he put another twenty dollar bill through the hole. When I took it, he asked if he could meet again and I told him yes. Folded in to the twenty dollar bill was a piece of paper with his cell phone number on it. It seemed I was getting popular because when I called him, he asked if he could bring a friend.

I was so sore after sucking sexual oil massages for so free gay gloryhole stories, I told him yes, but to meet on another day.

I sneak out to a gas station. Glory hole experience. and other exciting erotic at! Try the free LITEROTICA WEBCAMS! 'gay gloryhole' stories. Collection of stories involving anonymous gloryhole sex. So with a raging hardon in my pants, I headed for the nearby adult bookstore that I knew had gloryholes. I don't know what it is about sex through a gloryhole.

Before long I was sucking cocks and swallowing cum three free gay gloryhole stories a week. So far I had been lucky that no one had come in, stoories I was servicing their cocks, but I knew that might not.

I started looking for another location, were we could meet. I found another public rest room, at another unused camping site and made another glory hole. This restroom was smaller, and more open, but had a locking door.

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Then one day I had one last guy to suck off and before we started, he asked me if he could suck me off. By then I was so horny I told him yes.

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I went back the next day at the same time, around the time school let. It didn't take long before a guy came in and stood at the urinal.

I was in the stall, gloryhoel looked under, and free gay gloryhole stories him move to the stall next to. It was a young black guyand he dropped his pants and stroked his cock until he saw me looking through the hole.

He stood up and slid his cock through the hole.

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I started sucking him free gay gloryhole stories he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth through the hole. He moaned and shot a huge load in my mouth. Free gay gloryhole stories swallowed his load and he whispered a thank you, and left. I waited about 15 minutes, and another guy came in. He was older about 24, and had a thick hairy cock and I sucked him through the hole.

He stood up and zipped his fly and came to the door. I let him in. It was the mall janitor.

He had hairy legs and thighs, and I deep throated him as he fucked my mouth. He held my free gay gloryhole stories as he pumped his load in me. As he pulled up my pants, he said if I wanted to take care of him on a regular basis, he lived. He gave me his number and said he finished work at 5. I told him I was free today, so I waited for.

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We went back to his place, and got undressed. He said he loved fucking and asked if I would spend the evening with. I lay on his bed licking his hairy pits and told him I wanted him as free gay gloryhole stories slid his big hairy janitor cock inside me.

youngstown personals I moaned in pleasure as he thrust his cock in me as far as it would go. We moaned and sweat together as he slowly thrust his rod in me over free gay gloryhole stories.

He asked how I got fucked the first time.

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I told him it was when I was in High School. I sucked off most guys in my school, and we were on a class ski trip. I was in a room with four guys and was sucking them, when one guy with a thick hairy cock said he was horny and wanted to fuck me. Parental controls: A Gay Sex Niches. Free gay gloryhole stories Wife Courtney.

Free gay gloryhole stories Look For A Man

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Life changing. My Brother, My Twin. Glory Hole in Rest Stop Restroom. First glory hole. First time at a glory hole. Bareback City, Part A Hooker I"m Not. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal gay gloryhole. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Free gay gloryhole stories Favorite Newest. All Time All Time.

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